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Then this quiz is for you…….
The managers motivation quiz is a two page document in PDF - download or right click and “save as”.
The idea is that you need to think about what is important to you in your working life and then rank each category against all the others. You then add up the number of “A’s”, “B’s”, “C’s” etc and this gives you your main motivators depending on which letters come up most often for you.
The second page of the document has the “What your answers mean” part - this will help you in checking whether you could be suited to pursuing a career in recruitment management or whether this would be a role to which you may not be suited.
Too many really good recruiters have made the mistake in the past of going into management without really thinking through what this would mean and if this is a good career move.
All the very best

Do you want to be a recruitment manager?

Manager Motivation.pdf

Click on the picture to download the quiz

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