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managing a recruitment team - business simulation
for experienced managers and Associate Directors
Improving operational and sales management problem solving and decision making skills.
This is a recruitment business simulation staffed by actors and leadership trainers and run over two consecutive days.
It can be used in-house at a range of levels; as a development (assessment) centre for potential managers or as a training and development programme for directors  and experienced managers. Delegates get to experience and practise sales leadership skills in as ‘real’ an environment as possible receiving feedback as they go, giving them the chance to improve and develop. Although all of the courses have strong elements of ‘do’ and ‘practise’ in them this also puts delegates under a level of pressure to perform without thinking too hard which is often when skills break down.
This is a great workshop for those whom you want to step up to the next stage in their career or particularly for those who need to develop their communication style.
Content: Delegates are given a simulated business they take over. It is their first day with a brand new team of five to fifteen people and they have a range of problems in their in-box as well as being tasked with getting to meet some of the consultants personally. As the two days progress more events happen and at the end of the second day they are asked to present on what they have learned, their analysis of the situation and what recommendations for change they propose.
At the end of the simulation delegates will have practised a wide range of management communications styles, decision-making and the capacity to get to the heart of the problem and come up with an implementable solution. The presentation opportunity is a good chance to show what they know to senior members of the business and this is why this also works well as a development centre.