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Inspirational Leadership
Positioned for direct reports to MD’s and CEO’s, and equally applicable to this group, this course has been run for people with twenty years in recruitment and five and is equally effective for all. The aim is for delegates to come away feeling both personally inspired and knowing how to inspire others. It definitely takes the view that being inspiring is not all about noise and charisma but about being honest and authentic with honed skills.
Run in conjunction with, or by Hayley Bilanz, herself an inspirational trainer, the programme runs over forty-eight hours (4pm to 4pm) and often works well with a senior member of your business, or a speaker  coming along for a Q and A/speaking session before dinner on the second day.
Content: Inspirational Leadership; what does it mean and look like, self-awareness and emotional intelligence – my own leadership qualities, barriers to being inspirational – helpful and unhelpful thinking, personal leadership resources, authenticity and genuineness, win-win relationships, developing relationship building skills; why people will be lead by you.
At the end of the course delegates leave feeling more self-aware, inspired, clear about their vision and what’s important to them, with new tools, techniques and a real sense of ‘can-do’. It can be great for injecting extra enthusiasm in tired teams or developing skills from scratch.