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Inspirational Leadership

Positioned for direct reports to MD’s and CEO’s, and equally applicable to this group, this course has been run for people with twenty years in recruitment and five and is equally effective for all. The aim is for delegates to come away feeling both personally inspired and knowing how to inspire others.

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Performance Management

a vital skill for all managers

One of things most new managers struggle with. Managing both over and under performers is a challenge and one which must be met to ensure goals and objectives are reached.

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Strategy and Finance

Developing strategy and understanding finance to grow your business;

A two-day programme for for non-experts

managers and directors taking up a more strategic role in a business.  Can be run on consecutive days or split over a couple of weeks.

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Here are some ideas for programmes which I have seen help people and businesses improve performance; if you’d like advice on delivering them in your business click here.
If you only do or can invest in one thing make it the 360° feedback. This one has been designed and validated exclusively within the recruitment industry and used with some coaching (internal or external) it’s a powerful motivational tool as well as a brilliant development opportunity.

Manager as coach

improving consultant’s performance to grow your business

The manager as coach is one of the most effective ways of developing people. Spending time investing in the manager’s capacity to develop their own people rather than relying on training room outputs is a good investment.

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The Effective Manager

improving team results

A 5-day programme run over a series of weeks (typically 3 months) with tasks to do in between and following on from the team leader programme as the team leader builds their team to four or more people.

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Introduction to leading a team

helping others succeed

A 2-day programme to help consultants new to team leading into their new jobs.

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Managing a recruitment team business simulation

Improving operational and sales management problem solving and decision making skills.

This is a recruitment business simulation staffed by actors and leadership trainers and run over two consecutive days.

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Holding difficult conversations

For all levels of leader

A one day programme for small groups.

Tackling the tough issues with your people is often the thing we most dread.

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Mentoring and coaching skills

developing others to improve performance

A one-day course for everyone taking up a mentoring role and wishing to develop their mentoring and coaching skills.

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360° feedback

specifically developed for the recruitment industry

All leaders constantly need to hold a mirror up to themselves and ask how their teams see them and whether they are inspiring their teams to achieve greater things, or holding them back.  

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Recruiting and Onboarding

A one day course to help you recruit and onboard (induct) your new team members.

Recruiting for your own team is very different from recruiting for your clients so if you are not careful this can mean disaster.

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Top team development and leadership

Often an experiential learning experience is what’s needed for your senior team to think about improving leadership skills and developing your team.

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Selecting new managers

avoiding costly mistakes in your business

A master-class for anyone involved in choosing the next generation of team leaders and managers.

A one-day programme.

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