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The Professional Recruiter's Handbook: Delivering Excellence in Recruitment Practice
(second edition)
Jane Newell Brown and Ann Swain
Published by Kogan Page in July 2012
Finally: the ultimate “go to” guide for recruiters - a one-stop shop of professionalism with panache.
When Ann and I were planning this book we were clear what we wanted to achieve and, thankfully, the reviews, feedback, sales and being asked to write an updated edition suggest we have been successful.
We wanted a start to finish book of the recruitment process with some background to “flesh out” what we were suggesting. A book that could be dipped into and out off to help with a particular issue as well as worked through as a training resource.
The Complete Guide to Recruitment: A Step-by-step Approach to Selecting, Assessing and Hiring the Right People
Jane Newell Brown
Published by Kogan Page July 2011
The Complete Guide was written to help those who need to recruit, from small businesses struggling to hire the right people to aid their expansion to large organisations where recruitment strategy needs to be right at the centre of corporate policy.
Top quality recruitment is not some black art but does confuse many people and is all too often seen as a stand alone activity. The Complete Guide will help you fulfil your staffing needs, do read some of the  copy available on Amazon.
If you are a recruiter this book will really help you add value to your clients and candidates, and that should help you with your placements.
2012: the year for recruiters to go back to basics
An article in Recruiter magazine - January 2012
How much value have our clients and candidates gained from the use of technology in recruitment?
It may not be fashionable to say this, but technology can be a wonderful distraction from the real business of recruitment — talking to and meeting people and then putting them together.
When I was asked to write this article I wanted to write something about the core values of good recruitment, those all too often forgotten simple truths that go to make good and successful recruitment.
Recruitment is about putting people together and it is the relationship that the recruiter has with both candidates and clients that brings this about.